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How to Set Yourself Up for Success When You Own a Pet and Multiple Homes

Compliments of Guest Writer Candace Sigmon

Being a responsible pet owner can be challenging on any day. But it can be even harder to meet the needs of your four-legged companion and keep them happy when you’re juggling a multi-state living arrangement.

The key is to maintain a routine for yourself and your pet, ensure both your homes have what you need to flourish and find ways to optimize your budget. Today, experienced realtor Jim McConnell shares practical advice for thriving as a pet owner in two different states.

Keep Up With the Vet 

First things first: don’t lose sight of your pet's health and wellness. Be intentional about taking them in for regular checkups at the veterinarian’s office. This will help you keep up with the necessary vaccinations and exams while ensuring your pet has any preventative treatments they need to thrive. You can also ask your vet for recommendations on everything from diet to exercise to living space.

Another way to use veterinarian expertise to your advantage is to use websites that provide vet reviews on pet products. Whether you need to order a cat toy, travel crate, elevated bowls, or anything else, these sites point you to the best products to keep your pet healthy and safe.

Ensure Your Pet Is Comfortable

Routine is crucial for pets, and maintaining consistency might be one of your toughest challenges living in two states. That said, some preparation and planning can simplify life for you and your pet while ensuring they are happy wherever they are.

Make sure your pet is pottying, eating, and playing at roughly the same times every day, and take them to the park or a dog-friendly restaurant for quality time together occasionally. Also, stock up on pet essentials in both homes, including their food, bedding, toys, and other necessities, so you don’t have to bring all their stuff every time you switch homes.

Find Reputable Professionals to Help  

It’s easier than ever to connect with top-tier professionals today. You can find an expert to help you with almost any home- or pet-related task. Don’t try to navigate your multi-state living arrangement on your own!

Look for a reputable pet sitter and dog walker to keep your furry companion safe and happy while you’re at work, and find a boarding facility you can trust for longer periods. Hire a professional house cleaning service and home organizer to boost your living environment. And if you need to move your belongings from A to B, don’t do it without the help of a moving company.

Remember Your Well-Being

Your pet might mean the world to you, but you should never forget about your own health and well-being. Try to maintain a consistent self-care routine that benefits your physical, mental, and emotional health. Stock up on nutritious frozen and non-perishable foods in both homes. And double up on toiletries while you’re at it!

Consider the Average Costs  

The more you know about the cost of living in your area, the better you can plan your life. Be sure to keep up with how much things cost in different cities to make wise decisions for yourself and your pet.

  • The average self-storage unit (5 x 5) in Las Vegas, NV is $61.14.
  • The average family in Charlotte, NC spends $700 – $1,000 monthly on groceries.
  • You can expect to pay about $538 per month for a mid-level health insurance plan in Kansas City, MO.
  • The average pet sitter in Naples, FL charges $13.75 an hour.
  • Handymen in Seattle, WA charge an average of $83 an hour.


You can be an exceptional pet owner when you own multiple homes. Remember to take your pet in for regular veterinarian checkups and to use expert websites before purchasing pet products. Try to maintain consistency and keep both of your homes stocked with pet essentials. Get help from reputable professionals when necessary, and foster your own well-being as you care for your pet. Finally, regularly research the cost of living in different areas of the country to plan your life wisely.


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